Weekly Summary-Week 6-Still Such An Amateur!

In terms of the ups and downs of the weeks that I’ve been experiencing, this week did follow the pattern, a way. I wouldn’t say this week was harder than week 5, but I do think I enjoyed the creation and process of the assignments last week better. In that way, this week was harder. This week wasn’t bad though!


On Friday, I went through all of the Design assignments and made a short list of all possible ones that I wanted to do. I also had to clarify if it was 10 or 12 stars, since that would dictate how many assignments to do.


I did my first Daily Create, about “there are two kinds of people”. I’ve seen this meme for so long, but this is the first time that I’ve made on myself. I was trying to think of examples, when I came up with my desk and my roommate’s desk. I’ve not a super messy person, but I use my desk less than she does. So, I tend to have more storage on my desk (also, because we keep some snack items on my desk). So, I went with our desks. It was simple to take the pictures, but I struggled with Paint.net to get them to how I wanted. I ended up putting a disclaimer text afterwards. I swear that my desk is not always that messy! Since a lot of my homework uses the computer, I often do homework and assignments (like this one) on my bed.

I also looked over the short list of assignments and decided which ones I wanted to do.


On Sunday, I did all 5 of my starred assignments for the week.

First, I made a word cloud for my character Maria Segreti. This was fun to do, and was a nice way to start off the assignments. I pulled most of the words out of her character narrative. The shape and colors were because of the mystery of the cryptids she studies and the nature aspect of it. The website was easy to use, which made for a straightforward assignment! My only issue was having to resize a lot to accommodate all of the words!

A Wordy Question Mark

My second assignment also involved Maria. It was to make her business cards. After all, she is a professional in several fields, and as such meets new people and networks rather often. I used Canva, which I never had before, so there was definitely a big of a learning curve, which was the hardest part of the assignment. I also had to look up business card ideas, mostly from the pre-made card templates on Canva, to help me figure out what should go on there. I am pleased with the results, though I don’t know how it looks to others, since you rarely see a brown business card! I thought the brown went nicely with the book in the picture, as well as her journals.

A Cryptozoologist’s Business Card

My third assignment again involved Maria in a way. It was to make a postcard. I decided to make the postcard feature Australia, since that is where she took a trip in the narrative and the bunyip post with her friends Thiago and Narelle. I wanted to make it more cryptid-themed, so I decided to feature Australian cryptids, specifically the yowie and bunyip, which these three were on the trip looking for. I couldn’t decide between them, so I went with both, and also used a picture of Australia that actually looked like a standard postcard picture. I used Canva again, but because I had used it before and there was less text involved, it felt easier. I also did casually look up postcard pictures since I never use or get them, though I didn’t copy any one of them. As I said in my post, my biggest issue was my indecisiveness!

A Cryptozoologist’s Postcard

My fourth assignment was definitely my hardest. It was the one where you look up places near you that you would like to visit. I recently moved to Arlington, so I thought I would kill two birds with one stone-do an assignment and learn more about my new home! This assignment was hard for multiple reasons. For one, it required a lot of research. I surfed through TripAdvisor looking at the highly-rated places, then looked more into what each of them were. This brings me to reason number two-indecisiveness. Now, I like research, as you can tell by my name, and some of the assignments that I do! However, this required not only research, but decision-making, which I don’t like! There were so many options, but I could only chose so many! This brings me to number three-putting them all together. It was hard to find free-use pictures, and also hard to combine them all into one collage (I used BeFunky). I am overall happy with what I have, though I wish space would have allowed me to actually put the names of the places on the collage, not just numbers. Maybe over Fall Break, Thanksgiving, and Winter Break, I can go to some of these places!

Places to visit in Arlington

My final assignment was to use Historic Tale Constrvction Cit to make a medieval tapestry. I thought this would be a fun assignment to do, and also tie in our theme. After all, animals and monsters often feature in tapestries. Since the Bayeux Tapestry is what inspired this program, I decided to go French! I chose a French cryptid and used French writing, even though on the original tapestry it is Latin. I only know French, not Latin, and even then I used Collins Dictionary for help. This was a straightforward assignment to end on, and involved research, which I love. I can’t say its accurate, and I’m not sure how the use of space is, but I enjoyed doing it!

P.S. On my blog it says that I did this on Monday. I think I turned this in on Monday, but early Monday morning before I went to bed so I count it as Sunday. That, or either I did do it Monday and forgot, or the time/date is wrong again or in a different time zone, as I’ve noticed when I’ve commented.

Beware The Beast of Gévaudan!

In addition, I took my first picture for the DesignBlitz-the one of the posterboard for which I talked about use of space.


On Monday, I did my second Daily Create, about a extremely fake provocative headline. One of the examples mentioned Bigfoot, so I thought it would be cool to have another cryptid, to go with our theme. I went with the chupacabra, since that is one of my favorites and came to mind first. I went with “eating my homework” since the mexican chupacabra from Lost Tapes is dog-like (coyote-like). However, the GIF I chose is the alien-like Puerto Rican one, as they had no coyote-like chuapacaba and I didn’t want to use a copy-written picture. Also picked the GIF because I think it’s cute!

I also did my designthoughts, doing both the readings and then doing the blog post. I did read Vignelli’s booklet, though I was confused by much of it! I am not a designer by any means! Honestly, that reading was the hardest part, and I don’t even think it was required!Kidd’s reading and then the other articles I read were easier to understand and I did enjoy reading them. All of the readings, including Vignelli’s, were interesting, and writing the blog post was not too hard, though I still felt, and still feel, a but nervous and unsure about graphic design. I do think that I at least know more about the concepts now though.

Complex Yet Maybe Not

Finally, I also took another picture for the DesignBlitz, which is actually the Featured image for it!


On Tuesday, I took more pictures for the DesignBlitz, and started to think of which concept I should use them in.

I also commented a few times. By the way, these all say that I commented them at 3 in the morning! I did not! I was asleep! Edit: I have just looked at my settings. It may be because I had my blog at UTC, not EST, and maybe also because others have the same thing. I have changed my time zone to “New York”

First, I did a “guess the story” comment. I am not the greatest at guessing, but I think it is Snow White. The mirror, apple, and crown remind me of the movie, though maybe not the ax!

Guess the Story

My second comment was on a postcard someone made of France. I thought the red coloring throughout really brought the whole thing together.

Postcard From France

Finally, I did a second “guess the story”. I guess that it was Harry Potter, and I was right! I love the Harry Potter Series (Cursed Child not so much), so it was pretty easy!

A Story in Four Icons: Can you guess the movie?


On Wednesday, I wrote my blog post for the DesignBlitz. First, I finished taking pictures. Second, I wrote the analysis for each one. This was the hardest part. I was, and still am, a bit confused about the differences between the concepts and the fine details of them. Third, I uploaded my pictures to Instagram, and learned my lesson about trying to do it on the computer (I couldn’t figure out how to do it, and wasted so much time). From now on, I’ll just use my phone to upload! I uploaded the pictures after the analysis (I already took the pictures, I just had not uploaded them yet) since I was more sure about how to write analysis than how to upload to Instagram, since it was my first Instagram post since my introduction post! Ultimately, I tried my best for this assignment, though I don’t know how great my examples and analysis are for each concept. AT least, I do feel like I am looking more closely at the design of things, instead of not even paying attention to any of it.

A UMW DesignBlitz

I also started to write my this blog post, as besides commenting and one more Daily Create, I was done for the week!


On Thursday, I did my third Daily Create, about what Ghostbusters villain you’d create by not clearing your mind. Instead of marshmallows, it would be chocolate for me! It’s my favorite food, especially dark chocolate. My favorite desserts: Chocolate lava cake, frosted chocolate cake, and cannoli (which has chocolate chips in it). The GIF I chose is of lava cake, which looks so good! I actually currently have 5 bookmarks on my computer just of lava cake recipes that I want to talk my mom into making with me!

I also commented a couple more times.

First, I commented on this post where someone made a logo for their character. I thought she did a great job, especially with the colors!

Logo FoYo

I also commented on this post of someone else make a logo for her character. The detail and thoughtfulness of the creator impressed me!

What’s in a Name?


I finished this summary and turned this post in!


Overall, I feel less comfortable with designing, as compared to writing or audio. I also don’t feel the same sense of enthusiasm and achievement that I knew I had when writing and that I discovered with audio. Perhaps with more practice it’ll come easier and be more enjoyable! Yet, I did learn a lot this week, and I did enjoy my creations and seeing the creations of my classmates!

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