A Cryptozoologist’s Business Card



For this assignment, I created a business card for my character Maria Segreti. In order to do this, I used the website https://www.canva.com/ since I don’t have Photoshop like the assignment says to use and I didn’t want to buy it. To do so, I simply made an account on this website. I never have made a business card before, so this was new!

Since I had never used this website before, I didn’t know how it worked. It took some experimenting! I first chose a template that I liked, before I realized that it would cost money to download! I ended up going with a blank slate and adding everything else. First, I found that picture, which I think, with the journal, pictures, and pen, represents Maria well. Then, I added her name and then her various occupations. The brown color stems from her journals, nature, and books. On the back, I again added her name, as when I looked through the various templates, that seemed like a thing people do when making business cards. Her phone number is something I made up as well. The area code, when I looked it up, said that Washington, DC where she lives has the area code 202, so that is what I went with. Then, the other numbers are the date I created her-9/12/2018. By the way-this may be a real number. I don’t know. Please don’t call it! Her email, with her first and last name and a yahoo email, is based off of mine. She has a website too, since when I looked at business cards many do. I didn’t add an address, since her office is her house and thus people shouldn’t be going there! Finally, I added the line, to give some interest to the card, and the globe, which represents her various travels and interests, and whose colors I think go well with the rest of the colors.

The hardest part of this assignment was using the website, which wasn’t even required by the assignment. There were options I wanted to use that weren’t free, and there were so many free options to sort through it was hard to make sure I found the best option. I kept accidentally exiting out of the options (i.e. I would be looking at pictures, then accidentally somehow make the pictures tab rescind so then I had to click to go back into pictures and find my place again). I even somehow messed up with the undo and redo buttons so bad I had to actually start over. Overall, this assignment was straightforward, but the website not so much! Although, I am pleased with how this turned out, and with some practice, I’m sure it’ll get better at navigation, so this website isn’t a bad option (please don’t sue me!)

This is the assignment that I created this for:


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