This is the time for caution, but not for fear.

Splashing water is heard coming from the nearby swamp. Footprints of three humans walk alongside that of a single strange set walk together from into the distance, diverging when they get near, with the three human tracks heading over to a nearby tree, while the single track continues to head to the water. The owners of the three footprints crouch in the tall grass under the cover of the tree, looking over and trying to see what is making the noise. Their boots are covered in dirt and they eagerly, but quietly, gulp down water. One woman is putting away a map and compass into her large backpack and grabbing out a journal, while the other is taking out not only a journal but gloves and plastic bags as well. The man is taking pictures and videos on a large camera, and checking them, adjusting his camera to fix the flaws he sees.

“Thiago,” the map and compass woman whispers, “is your camera ready?”

“Yes,” Thiago answers, just as quietly, “the lighting should be adjusted properly and the sound is all set up for video. Narelle, are you ready too?”

“I’m ready too.” Narelle confirms. “Maria, just to confirm before we all go closer, since out of all of us, you’ve looked at the folklore the most, the legends never say that it is particularly aggressive, right?”

Looking over her notes, Maria answers, “uh, yes. However, there is a legend about a man who was killed by one, and there are so many different variations on what it is supposed to look like, maybe having an “emu-like” head, a “crocodile-like” head, or even a “dog-like” head. We do need to be careful.”

Suddenly, the splashing stops. The three immediately stop talking and freeze, their faces paling. They scoot closer to one another and pull out hunting knives, Thiago holding up his camera in one hand and his knife in the other. Maria and Narelle also noiselessly grab large sticks from around them. Just as suddenly, the splashing continues. They breathe sighs of relief.

Maria signals for them to walk forward. They inch forward, towards the swamp and towards the noise.

For this assignment, I had to generate a random prediction or proverb using this generator. The phrase I got was “This is the time for caution, but not for fear.” I decided to that this would be a perfect tie-in with my character post, as I mentioned the bunyip in there and an expedition would be a great place to practice this proverb. I purposefully left out any visual description of the creature or confirmation that the creature is the bunyip, as I wanted to leave some doubt as to what happens next and if the creature actually exists. I used the bunyip wikipedia page for the information used in this assignment.

The characters practice this proverb when first Narelle wants to double-check the “known” behavior and when Maria cautions them. Neither want to stop the expedition, just exercise caution. They also practice this proverb when they are rightly quiet when they suspect they could be in danger but when it seems the danger has lessened they don’t give into the fear and continue on while being careful.

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