A Quiet Office On A Rainy Day

This story was actually told a different way earlier this semester, in my post introducing my character Maria Segreti. I the post, I described using words. Writing, out of all the options, is definitely my medium, so I wanted to challenge myself to try and describe the story a different way.

If you want to read what story I’m describing, or at least trying to, you can go to the link above. Otherwise, here’s the gist of it: Maria is finishing up reading (and writing, though I don’t mention that in the text) when she gets a phone call. After the phone call, she packs up her backpack and leaves her office to go on another trip. While in the text she goes into her living room and then exits the building, time would not allow that to happen in this audio version, as well as her leaving the office being a nice ending point, as there aren’t sounds to describe “excitement” (except perhaps classical music, but not sounds like the ones I used) and room decor. In addition, its nice to keep this audio version telling the story of just one room. Perhaps another audio story could be told of the living room and the exit to the cab.

While an audio story shouldn’t have to be explained, this is my first audio stpry, and I have no idea how good it is, so I’ll explain it. The background throughout is rain. It starts off with writing sounds and page turning (her finishing up research, then a phone ring and indistinct voices (the phone call with Thiago). After, it goes to zipping sounds (her packing up her backpack), and then finally footsteps (her walking out of the room).

To tell this story, I used seven different sounds from Freesound.com, what I found to be a very useful and surprisingly easy to use. I actually had a lot of fun with this assignment. For all the sounds, I simply typed into the search bar what I wanted and surfed through the options until I found what I liked. Sometimes, I had to change words up or add words, like “rain” to “light rain”. After I found my sounds, I used Audacity to combine them together. I cut the sounds to the length I wanted them to be at and moved them around to the proper places. For moving them around, I had to get help from http://wikieducator.org/Using_Audacity/Moving_tracks since I had never done it before. In the text I don’t mention rain, but I wanted a nice background ambiance to ground the audio when other sounds come and go. I did have to increase the writing sounds for it to be heard clearly enough, as well as decrease the speed a bit so it was easier to tell what it was. For the footsteps at the end, I used a fading out effect so it sounded like the steps got farther away. For the flipping pages sound, talking sound and the backpack zipping sound, I had to cut them down a bit for time’s sake.

This is the assignment that I made this for:


These are the sounds I used:


Rain light 1 (rural)




Turning Pages and Flipping through Pages




Writing On Paper.wav








Cell phone 02.wav




zipping backpack and rustling papers.wav




footsteps on wood



My featured image is from:


Raindrops on the window

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