Radio Show Ideas (Creative Name, I know)

I have to admit-I don’t have any experience with radio shows, so I’m kind of at a loss right now. When I listen to the radio in the car, my family and I either listen to the news or listen to music. I haven’t listened to actual radio shows before, except if Delilah counts during the holidays, as she is unavoidable if you want to listen to the Christmas music station. Therefore, I have no idea how radio shows work. I have listened to a tiny bit of podcasts, so maybe radio shows are like that?

I don’t have any solid plans or rough sketches, just some vague ideas:

-each week, all members of group watch or read something related to theme (like an episode of Lost Tapes) and then discuss it

-each week, create or expand upon an improv story or write story before show and simply read it out loud

-each week, a new legend, myth, or folklore is discussed. The members research beforehand about it

-each member each week talks about a new a┬ánew legend, myth, or folklore, perhaps with a theme of “black dog”, “humanoid”, “Irish mythology” etc. and the members discuss and share similarities and differences

-themed weeks or a theme, beyond just our class theme, that it used every week. See themes above


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