Weekly Summary-Week 2-Still Learning

The second week of school can be as variable as the first. Some classes are still getting started while others are starting to have projects and quizzes. This class is again somewhere in the middle. It wasn’t an extremely hard week, but I am still trying to find my feet when it technology, mainly with WordPress!


I turned in last week’s-Week 1’s-summary.


On Saturday, I made my first Daily Create for the week, for the prompt of creating a logo with Mark Maker. I actually really struggled with this, as my computer refused to work properly with this site. The site is supposed to generate new logo ideas based on what you like, but except for maybe one time it never ended up loading any new, updated ideas. Oddly enough, on my phone it worked better, but I really struggled with trying to customize the logo with the sliders once I found one I liked.

Eventually, I ended up choosing and then customizing a logo that first popped up when I submitted the wording I wanted to use. I liked the boxed look, and once I found one of those, I then went with a slightly italic print and a navy blue. I love blue, and darker blues are quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I wanted to be able to use this is my profile picture, as I had not currently set one yet. Overall, I like my logo, and the website is a cool and useful idea, but I wish it worked better for me.


I have to admit that I didn’t do anything for this class Sunday, beyond checking to see what the Daily Create was for the day and all of the responses for it.


On Monday, I tackled the assignments. I made a silly mistake at the beginning! When I first looked at the assignments, I was only looking at the writing assignments. I think I was on the link given to the writing group, not the link for all the genres of assignments. I was so confused by what Professor Bond meant by “genres”. I thought he meant perhaps “genres” as in the different star values. Nope! When I clicked on another tab that I had open, it was the page for all the different genres. Needless to say, I was relieved to figure out what I was actually supposed to do!

So, my first assignment was a writing assignment about a dream you had. As I mentioned in my post, I don’t dream that much, but I do remember a dream I had when I had the flu all the way back in 5th grade. I was a very strange dream and was fun to write about!

A Hodgepodge Dream

My next assignment was a web assignment. For it, you create a Pinterest board for your dream vacation. Before this, I had never had a Pinterest, though I had been on the Pinterest website before. It was surprisingly easy to create a Pinterest and a Pinterest board, though it took me longer than I should have to find my board once I created it! It was quite fun, and I can see myself on Pinterest more often. I really appreciate how Pinterest links and tells you where the picture comes from, so you can fact-check what the picture actually is (i.e. is that place actually in Italy, or is it Greek) or get more information if the place or food looks really interesting. To summarize my dream vacation-visit many countries in Europe for the architecture, the culture, and to connect with my ancestors. Is this long, expensive vacation ever going to come true? No, probably not, but it is fun to think about! After all, that is what this assignment is for!

My (far-off) Dream Vacation!

My final assignment was a visual assignment. The goal of this assignment was to create a custom Game of Thrones house and sigil. It was an easy site to use and the house and sigil were fun to make. I did struggle a bit for a house motto, but I like how it turned out. I, like I always do, thought in-depth about every little detail, which was probably not necessary, but that is the type of person I am. I can see myself using this site more and maybe collaborating with my family for an “official” family house and sigil.

House Maisano: A Shadow Stalks About

I also used Slack for the first time, saying hi to my group, as no one else in the group, besides the professor, had said anything yet. I wanted to get the ball rolling. So far, I have been the only one, besides the professor, in the writing channel talking. The only other person I have seen simply respond and said hi (which I appreciate!), but no one else. Hopefully, the group will take off a little more!

Finally, I did a Daily Create, about the Canadian train line. I enjoyed looking through the history of the train line, though I did find it a bit confusing. My biggest struggle with this Daily Create was trying to decide what angle I wanted to go-my point of view or 3rd person. I went with my point of view, and created this short little excerpt of what I may have experienced if I had ridden on that train. It gave me a nice little feeling of being on a train, which I quite like.


Tuesday I when I struggled most with technology. Apparently, I am still horrible with WordPress. I decided to change my theme, to match more with the theme and myself. The theme I chose was Landing Pageasy, which I like. The forested background reminds me a lot of legends, myth, and folklore. Now, trying to customize it was a pain in the butt! When I applied the theme, WordPress suggested to download plugin Beaver Builder Plugin (Lite Version), to help with the customizing. It both helped and didn’t! I still struggled figuring out how to put in a search bar, and this theme didn’t have one, as well as a navigation link to the DS106 page, as annoyingly enough on desktop, the background picture makes the link in the heading hard to see. I eventually, through much trial-and-error, figured out how to do these things, through the WordPress widgets and the plugin. What made me most mad was when I accidentally made my home page have all of the blog posts on it, instead of my little intro paragraph and links. It happened twice, and it took me forever to figure out how to fix it! Thankfully, through all of this annoyance, I do feel more confident in customizing my blog. I even have all of my social media accounts linked and easy to find!

In addition, I also changed my blog name this week from “My Blog” to the “The Adventures of the Avid Amateur Researcher” and my tagline from “Just Another WordPress site” to “Just An Amateur Who Loves To Research Her Many Interests, From Folklore To Architecture And Beyond”. I think this represents my blog and myself very much. I’m a very research-intense person, and this will, if it has not already, come out during this class. I think it could be fun for me to make a little character icon or picture for this “avid amateur researcher” for this blog. However, this is far beyond my artistic skills!

Also on Tuesday I had to ask in Slack what my group was supposed to be doing this week, as no one else was doing anything. Thankfully, Professor Bond did respond and my question was answered. I found and suggested this site-https://openfolklore.org/. It is a similar website to what the professor put in his answer, and it has books, journal, and websites that relate to folklore. I also suggested the show Supernatural. It is a fun show, and many episodes have folklore in them, though I don’t know how accurate. I am admittedly only on the fourth season, so I can’t speak for the next 9 seasons, and I think it would take a full year if not more to analyze the entire show!

Finally, I also commented on 2 blog posts. The first is about ducklings eating spaghetti. I learned something new! I didn’t know ducks could eat spaghetti. The cute GIF attracted me to the blog post. The comment info says that the comment was made on Wednesday after midnight, which isn’t actually true. I was probably still awake and on the internet at that time, but I didn’t comment then!

A Duck’s Favorite Meal

I also commented on this “thoughts” blog post. As a fellow historic preservation major, I agreed with her about the lack of folklore in HISP and liked her ideas about personal and family legends.



On Wednesday, I made my 3rd Daily Create, about a strange knocking. I recorded myself knocking my hand against a plastic cup, as that was louder and my computer picked it up better. I then used the program Audacity to edit the knock to have more reverb and be louder, while also adding white noise to make it seem stranger. I had far too much fun messing with Audacity! I don’t know how strange my final product is, but I had fun making it!

I also commented a couple more times. Someone made a very sweet video about their dog, and the song they chose-“Dog Days are Over”- worked so well! I just had to comment and compliment them. The cute dog is what initially drew me in! I can’t wait to see my own dog soon!

I’m in a Dog Daze

I also commented on this assignment post about cats (can you see a theme?). The assignment is so funny when used with cats, and the pictures and quotes this used were so great! I can see myself also doing this assignment with my own kitties!

The Shakespearean Cat

On Slack, I also added on example/suggestion: Lost Tapes. This show used to be on Animal Planet when I was younger, and as a scaredy kid, it scared me! It still is available on the Animal Planet website with a TV subscription, and it focuses on cryptids, which is within folklore, so it could be fun to use for the class. I also invited my group-mates to join in with suggestions. The other group member, ttueros who had said hi in the chat earlier in the week responded to me again, saying that she had the idea too. Great minds think alike!

I also created my writing assignment. I actually had started thinking and planning it, but I finished it on this day. This is what it is: “There is a page on Wikipedia, called Wikipedia:Random, where you can click the link and get brought to a random page on Wikipedia. For this assignment, go to the link and then click on the words Special:Random. Whatever page you get, somehow incorporate it into a short story involving whatever theme your class has. Feel free to use other Wikipedia pages and other programs such as Google Earth to research more about your page if you have no idea what it is or if you want to find more information for your story. After writing your story explain what page you got and your thought process in figuring out your story and incorporating your random page into it. See if your readers were able to figure out what random page you got! There’s no maximum or minimum number of words or paragraphs, just make sure your story is longer than what you post on Twitter, so it counts as an assignment, not a Daily Create!”

I actually really, really enjoyed creating this assignment and writing my story. I think this might be something that I do in the future, even just for fun!


Random Wikipedia Writing


On Thursday, I started writing this post. It was a bit of a challenge remembering where I commented, so actually on Wednesday I started to compile the posts I commented on to put here. Other than that, writing this post isn’t any harder than it was last week! It’s also probably just as long!

I also commented a couple more times. Here, I commented on another animal post, only this time an animal I don’t like. The author actually made me feel bad for the spider, so good job!

What Is This Giant DOING?!?!?!

I also commented on this post. Not only was the outfit cool, but I wanted to ask how the author made the collage of pictures, since the website I used, Polyvore, no longer works.

Post-Apocalyptic Design


On Friday, I commented a couple more times. The first time, it is on a blog post about knocking strangely. I did this Daily Create back on Wednesday, when it was due, but I checked out this blog post that was done late. I though it is a good job! It was definitely strange and took me for surprise.

Knocking Strangely?

I also commented about this blog post about a mash-up. I quite enjoyed the little poem that accompanied it. I might have to at some point explore Photoshop/other photo-shopping programs, as I’ve never used any of them picture. It looks like it could be fun to use.

I’m Ready for my Close Up

I also finished and published this blog post, and turned it in.


In conclusion for this week, I would say that it wasn’t necessarily harder than last week. I feel more comfortable with the various social media sites, and WordPress, than I did in the first week, though there were more assignments this week in general. I feel like I also understand this class more. I have found through looking through and commenting on other people’s blog posts that I write more than most of them do. I find it hard to get out of the essay-mode that most classes require, and I just like to be very thorough! One thing that I noticed, when I was compiling everything for this blog post, was that some of the people whose blogs I commented on didn’t approve my comment right away, or as I am writing this still haven’t done so. The same can be seen in the writing group Slack channel too, with people using it and replying or not. I suppose that is the challenge of an online class-not everyone responds quickly. We all have different schedules and everyone has different times when we work on this class. I only knew that I got comments because I checked my email, but even then I waited until I could go to my computer to open up and approve the comments. For Slack, I was just really trying make sure I followed what we’re supposed to be doing this week. It’s not like we’re all meeting in one classroom a few times a week, where there are more set deadlines and you can physically see and talk to our group and the other classmates. We all just have to rely on technology, and everyone’s varied use and schedule with it, and hope for the best!


I again look forward to see what this new week brings and to see what cool, interesting blog posts and Daily Creates everyone makes!


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