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Above is the screenshot. Here’s the link from¬†Hackasaurus:¬†https://thimbleprojects.org/HTTP/fcmaisano/568534/

So, for my web storytelling assignment, I decided to change a news article to about the yowie. The day I am writing this is the day that our radio show goes up, so I thought it was a good time. The mentioning of using news articles made me think of discoveries, and then my radio show story.

So, to do it, I used the Smithsonian magazine website, as they are what I think of when I think of scientific discoveries and research. In the searchbar there, I typed in words such as “discover”, so try and get an article that I could use the base of. When I typed in “footage” I found this article: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/rare-leopard-call-gets-caught-tape-180967400/. I was drawn in by the absolutely adorable leopard cubs (I want to hold them so bad!), and then when I looked over the article I figured that the article would work well. What’s also cool is that the publish date was December 4th, which is my birthday! (Obviously, I was not born in 2017, though. I’m more than 10 months old!).

Writing the actual wording for this was not hard. I actually copied the last part of the title to use, the last sentence of the first paragraph to use, and part of the fifth paragraph to use. I even copied the first five words of the article! I figured that it would be cool to keep some aspects of the original, just change them to fit my story. For the first five paragraphs, I tried to use the same general ideas or topics from the paragraph and translate them into my story. For example, I talked about the fight-or-flight response of the yowie because the original article talked about physical confrontation. The last two paragraphs I added in extra details that I thought were important from the radio show and an ending to the article. I even changed the tags at the bottom to match the article, though they still link to their original places. I changed the author’s name to my name, so that way it is obvious that I wrote this, not some poor, unsuspecting person who has no idea who I am or why I am doing this. I also did write most of it, so I am the author! (Though, I did take some from the original and was inspired by much of it). I also changed the date to today’s date, as that is when I wrote it!

My biggest issue was using the Mozilla X-Ray Goggles. Perhaps it is because I use chrome, I had so much trouble! First of all-I couldn’t do the tutorial. When I clicked, the coding didn’t show up. I tried several times but it never worked. Ironically, it worked the first time when I went to a different website. Then, when I was working on the article, sometimes something would happen and when I clicked on something to edit it, no code came up. If I hit “update” or “cancel” whatever I was trying to edit would go away and then it would be gone. To get it back, I would have to refresh the page, loosing all of my progress. I kept my new wording in a Word document, so that way I could just copy-paste it instead of having to type it out all of the time. I had to refresh and try again so, so many times. It took me so much longer than it should have-it took over an hour since the time that I had already written out everything I wanted to say to be able to complete the article. Then, after all of that, I had trouble taking the screenshot and uploading it here. I downloaded the “Full Page Screen Capture” app from the Chrome Web Store. It actually worked great, then it was too large to add to this post! I had to go into Paint.net to cut the picture so that only what I edited showed, so that way it was small enough to insert here.

Overall, this was fun, but frustrating. If I have to use this again, I might try Mozilla, use ad-blocker to see if the refreshing ads were the issue, or use a smaller/different web page!

P.S. I named this blog post “Extra! Extra! Hear All About It!” because not only is that a saying associated with newspapers, and though this is not a newspaper, it is news, but also because the blog post I write before this one is titled “Extra! Extra! Hear All About It!” because it was about the radio show I listened to. I thought it was a nice little continuation of a name/theme!

While this assignment is the Web Storytelling assignment, which is not from the assignment bank, it does mention to use this assignment:



The yowie picture is the same one I used in my postcard assignment:


English: Yowie Statue, Yowie Park, Kilcoy, Queensland. Photo taken on 21 April 2013



The Featured image is the snipping tool snip of my edited web page. I took a snipping of the top of the web page before I downloaded and used the app

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