What Happened To The Light?!

Here’s the reverse video!

Here’s the original video!

So, for this assignment where I have to reverse a video. The assignment prompt mentioned “something in your life”. When I thought about things in my life that I could film and make backwards, for some reason I thought about the light in my bathroom. It takes a few tries to get on, and I am always worried that it will not turn on one day!

The process of this was really simple. First, I filmed the clip. This wasn’t too hard, but I did have to make sure that my phone was pointed at the camera, as it was pitch-black in the bathroom! I then had to figure out how to reverse it. I really wanted to use an actual app or program, but I could not find one that would reverse it without having to pay. iMovie might let you do it, and other itunes apps might let you as well, but I have a PC and my iphone doesn’t have much storage left for more apps. I ended up using a website I found when I typed in Google “how to reverse a video”-https://www.kapwing.com/reverse-video. It was quick and seems to have worked!

While this isn’t as cool as the videos of people running backwards, I do think it looks a bit interesting. I don;t think it looks like the light just went off instead of on. It looks like the light overheated or something and shut off! That would not be good! Overall, this was a rather simple and successful start to the video assignments!

This is the assignment that I made this for:


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