My Dream Antique Bedroom!

Here’s the link to my Dream Bedroom Pinterest board!

So, for this assignment, I had to make a Pinterest for my dream bedroom. I just moved this summer and am looking into redecorating my room a bit, so this could be useful, as well as fun!

My style of bedroom is antique. I love antique furniture! I am especially drawn to dark woods and to more detailed, ornate Victorian furniture, which is odd, since my clothing style is jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt or hoodie every single day! The furniture currently in my room at home is all dark wood and most of the pieces are antique and Victorian. So, I went with that theme went looking at pictures! To search, I typed in “antique” before the object, which I how I found these!

First, I looked at beds. As I said before, my bed at home is dark wood and highly detail. I am quite fond of it! I chose similar beds here, except they aren’t twin-sized like mine! They are all highly detailed and dark wood!

Then, I looked at bookcases and desks. My bookcases at home aren’t antique or detailed, so I actually do want new bookcases! I also want a desk, as I have more space now for one! For these items, I again chose detailed, dark furniture. This pin I found would be my ideal bookcases, if a bit darker!

I then looked at dressers. I have antique antique dressers at home that I love, so I found some similar. This one is scarily similar to one I have! Fun little story-the first time I came down to Fredericksburg to visit UMW, my family I went to the antique shops. I found the identical twin to own my dressers (the same one that is similar to the one I linked). Maybe it was a sign! That is not why I chose UMW, but it was a weird coincidence!

Then, I looked at chairs for reading my books and using at my desk. I was not a picky for these. I mainly just looked and saw if I liked their print. I really like this one! I love green-it’s my second favorite color-and it’s dark word and Victorian!

Finally, I looked at overall rooms. This was the hardest, since they had the most going on. None of the rooms I found were perfect, but I overall picked rooms they were sweet and had antique stuff in them. Though not perfect, I would be happy to have any of those rooms!

This was a super fun assignment to do and to write about! I also got some inspiration for my room, so that’s a plus!

This is the assignment that I made this for:


My Featured image is from one of my pins:

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