Weekly Summary-Week 8-So Many Sounds!

In terms of again checking to see if this week follows the pattern of easy-hard-easy-hard, etc., I would say that this was easier than last week for me personally since I was less worried about getting everyone done on time. There might be a pattern again, but reversed from the original! This week was easier since I had less assignments and I was not the one who had to edit all of the group members’ stories together, so I know this week was harder for others!


On Saturday, I wrote the script for my story. I knew the basics for what it was going to be about-I just had to put all of the details together and add finer details.


On Sunday I recorded my voice-over for the story and then added in all of the sounds. It was a long and rather tedious process, since I had a lot of components, but it was not nearly as bad as I thought. The biggest issue for me was trying to get all of the sounds’ volumes to work together. I wanted to be able to hear the background sounds while still hearing my voice clearly.


On Monday, I finished editing the Audacity project for my story, then saved it as a .WAV file, uploaded it to SoundCloud, and then submitted it to my group’s slack channel for whoever (it ended up being Maddie) would edit all of the stories together. I had already submitted my bumper and logo the week before.


On Tuesday, I did my first Daily Create of the week, about describing the strange devices the people are wearing in the picture. They look a bit like Mickey Mouse ears, and there people look military to me (and it was a book about WWI) so this is what I came up with!


On Wednesday, I did my second Daily Create of the week, about spoiling a book or movie’s killer and victims. I was going to go with Harry Potter, but the knife reminded me a bit about a show I watched back in 2013 involving a mansion, a mysterious killer, many victims, and the many ways they were killed, so I went with that! I chose a GIF on Twitter of the show. I wanted the killer to be in the GIF, and she is (she is the blonde one!).

On Wednesday, I also created a post to talk more in-depth about the process of creating my radio show story and list of all of the different sounds I used and their sources. This wasn’t an assignment, but if you want to hear more about the process and everything that went into my story, this is the post to check out.

Creating My Radio Show Story


On Thursday, I worked on this post.

Maddie also finished editing our radio show. Here it is!


On Friday, I completed my post about radio show week 2. This post wasn’t hard to do. I wanted to wait until Friday so that way I had the most up-to-date info about what my group was doing.

Radio Show Week 2-It’s a Wrap!

I also commented a couple times. Since our only assignment this week, besides Daily Creates, was to create the radio show, most people didn’t post anything until Thursday and Friday, so I waited until today to comment.

First, I comment on this post about a bumper. The creator made a Disney Channel-inspired bumper, which I thought was creative! It also makes me nostalgic for the days before midterms and college essays!

James’ Bumper

I also commented on this post about Daily Creates. I thought that this person was also quite creative, and I love the picture they found of the bug. I hate bugs, but this one is cute!

Daily Creates Week 8

Finally, I also commented on this post also about Daily Creates. The door she tweeted about looks cool, if not a bit unusual, and I love her robot “friend”!

Daily Creativity: Week 8

Finally, I also turned this post in!

This week was definitely different from the others. There were so much less assignments to do, but the one assignment probably took me as long if not longer to do than all of the assignments I usually do in a week! I think I learned how to use Audacity better and got more experience working in a group setting, especially since I’ve never done a group project entirely online before!

I’m excited to hear all of our radio shows and to see what next week brings!


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