Radio Show Week 2-It’s a Wrap!

For Week 2, there was less decision-making between the whole group and more individual work, since our parts were individual stories, bumpers, and commercials. The only thing we really decided on this week was that to have an intro before each story to explain a little bit about it and our characters beforehand.

Over the weekend, I made my radio show, so that way whoever was the editor who had to edit everything together had enough time to do so. Here’s the post I made about my radio show story and the process behind it. It was a multi-day process and the biggest, longest Audacity project I have ever worked on! I definitely learned how to use Audacity better while working with this, though I found some limitations with adjusting volume when it came to trying to get all of the components of my story to be heard but not overpower one another.

Creating My Radio Show Story

Maddie ended up volunteering for the role of video editor, so she edited all of the stories, bumpers, and commercials together once people submitted them. As I said last week, 2 people had submitted them last week, though most of us did our stories and bumpers or commercials this week.

She ended up choosing the logo I made to be the background for the radio show on SoundCloud! Here’s the post I made about it.

A Vintage Radio Show Logo

Here’s the finished product! I think we all did a great job with the stories we made and I think Maddie did a great job editing them all together! I think she deserves a round of applause-this could not have been easy to do!

All of the stories are so different-not one is similar to another, even if the class has the same theme! I really enjoyed listening to everyone’s stories and I know everyone else will too!

As with the last Radio Show Progress post, making this post wasn’t hard! I just reflected on what I’d done and looked at Slack for what the group did.

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