The Cat of Many Nicknames

So, for this assignment, I had to make a collage of my pet. I have 2 cats and a dog. This is a collage for my cat Oreo

  1. So, the top picture of her is on my pillow. Both cats love my pillow. As a cat owner, you just come to terms with the fact that their little butts will always have touched pretty much everywhere in the house, especially on the bed!
  2. The far-left middle picture is Oreo wanting me to play with her. It is hard to see, but there is a string in front of her. She is 10 years old now, but is still very much a kitten!
  3. Below that is just a picture of her fluffy white belly. It is so soft! However, touch it, and she will use her sharp teeth and long claws! Some cats don’t use their claws when playing or warning, instead just swatting with claws retracted. However, Oreo has never, not once in her life, chosenĀ  to keep her claws in! She is just adept at using them to her full advantage.
  4. Directly to the right of that is her on the footboard of my bed. I thought her expression with her little ears back was cute and very much “Oreo”. P.S. yes, my bookcase is extremely messing there. I have actually moved houses, and it is now longer much less messy!
  5. Both that one is a picture of Oreo in a paper bag. She loves bags. If it a crumpled plastic one, you can here you running and pouncing on it! If it is an upright paper one like that, she’ll happily hop inside.
  6. The picture to the right of that-the really narrow horizontal one-is where she is sleeping on my computer chair. For whatever reason, she really likes to sleep there instead of my bed. I don’t know why! While I do like my computer chair, my bed is much softer!
  7. Here she is on one of our chairs in the downstairs of our house. It’s a soft, comfy chair, so of course she likes it. She is also on a soft blanket. She loves blankets, as she loves to knead them. As you may be able to see, Oreo’s long, sharp talons get caught in the blanket and she causes many thread to become loose. It doesn’t add to the softness or attractiveness of the blanket, but she has always kneaded blankets, ever since she was a baby.
  8. Here she is with Bonny, our other cat. Now, while we’ve had Bonny for nearly 7 years (Oreo came first), they don’t get along. They don’t fight physically. It’s more of a passive-aggressive, intimidation and occasional chase-around-the-house-but-don’t-actually-fight thing. However, in this picture, a string is between the cats. They both want to play, but it’s hard to do so with them. They won’t play close together, so with one string, you have to try and swing the string in such a way to appease the both cats on opposite sides of you. It’s honestly easier to just wait and play with them individually!
  9. Finally, this picture really shows off their relationship. Much of it is intimidation and body language, so here they’re just staring at each other.

So, for this assignment, I had to make a collage of my pets. I ended in using the website Be Funky and their collage maker, which I actually found at this different assignment. I chose Oreo since out of our three pets, she is the one we’ve had the longest. She just celebrated her tenth birthday this August! The collage maker was fun to use, although there are feature that you have to buy (which I didn’t), which does detract a bit from the overall experience on the website. It was simple enough. The longest part of this was slowly uploading all of the pictures from my phone into an email to send to myself so I could get them to my computer. Afterwards, using the pre-made collage styles and adjusting them was straightforward. All in all, I think the collage-making was a success and I would use the website again.

So, why this blog title? Well, out of our three pets, she has the most nicknames of them all. We love to give our animals nicknames, and since we’ve had her the longest, she’s accumulated the most. They range from very complimentary to the silly! Here are some I can think of:

  • Meow-Mix=for whatever reason, one of my brother’s called her this before we named her
  • Beasty
  • Baby Beast
  • Land Orca
  • Vicious=I call her this as a joke, as she isn’t vicious, but she does have sharp claws!
  • Vicious One
  • Fabu=My mom and I called saw someone on a challenge reality T.V. say this, and somehow it stuck
  • Princess Fabu
  • Her Exquisite Loveliness
  • Beautiful
  • Glorious
  • Glorious Oreus
  • Lumpy=Oreo sometimes likes to hide under the covers of the bed, so all you can see is a lump
  • Lumpicus=same as above

P.S. Her actual name, Oreo, is because she looked like a little cookies and cream ball hiding behind our fridge when we first got her. Yes, it is the most unoriginal name for a black-and-white cat ever. My brothers and I were 9!

Here are pictures of Bonny and Henry, our dog, as it doesn’t seem right to not include them!

Bonny has the main nicknames of BonBon, BunBun (as in French the female word for good, bonne, is pronounced like bun) Bunny, and Bunaford. Bonny LOVES food, which is why she is sitting at the dining table with me, sniffing at his food!Henry’s biggest nickname is Baby, since he was, and still is, more needy and dependent than our old corgi, and he also used to whine. When we first got him, we accidentally started calling him that more than his actual name. Now, we use Henry more, so he can actually learn his name and come when called. My mom also calls him Lamby, as he is as sweet as a lamb! He loves people and attention, and other dogs, so we brought him to the Middleburg Christmas Festival where we paraded with a lot of other corgis and he got many pets. He loved it, and so did I!

This is the assignment that I made this for:


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