A Wordy Question Mark

So, for my character Maria Segreti, I made her a word cloud with this website.

For the words I picked, here’s the word list:

2 cryptozoologist
2 folklorist
1 chupacabra
1 skinwalker
1 artifacts
1 hellhound
1 magazines
1 professor
1 adventure
1 research
1 backpack
1 folklore
1 prepared
1 discover
1 lecture
1 english
1 zoology
1 legends
1 journal
1 explore
1 uncover
1 strigoi
1 friends
1 travel
1 writer
1 family
1 bunyip
1 yowie
1 myths
1 books
1 proof


I made the words “cryptozoologist” and “folklorist” as bigger than the others, as those are really what she’s about. The other words revolve around that. For example, the word “chupacabra” is because, as I mentioned in the post I made about her, the chupacabra is one of her favorite cryptids. “Bunyip” is because I have made several posts about the bunyip, one of the creatures, the other the “yowie” which is also included, that in the narrative I made about her she and her friends were going to try and find.

She is a “cryptozoologist” and “folklorist” who majored in “English” and “zoology” (English not capitalized to be more cohesive with group). She’s a part-time “professor” of “legends”, “myths”, and “folklore” who does “lectures” while also writing (“writer”) for travel “magazines”. She wants to “discover” and “uncover” “proof” of “cryptids” such as the “bunyip”, “yowie”, “skinwalker”, “chupacabra”, “hellhound”, and “strigoi” while traveling (“travel”), exploring (“explore”), and going on adventures (“adventure”) with her “friends”, her “backpack”, and her “journals”. Her house is filled with “artifacts” and “books”, as well as pictures of her “family”, who she loves very much. She also loves to do “research” and always likes to be “prepared”.

The shape I made a question mark, as there’s so much mystery around cryptids and she’s trying to discover the truth. For the color, I chose the second from the bottom, because to me the colors seem very nature-y, safari-y, and overall seem to suit her. The chose to google font “Marck Script” by Denis Masharov as I wanted the font to look like she wrote the words. This font is neat and tidy, as professors I have seen tend to have nice handwriting, while also not perfect, so it doesn’t look typed or otherwise created. It is also easy to read, since this word cloud is meant to be legible and understood by all!

Overall, this website is easy to use. My biggest issue is having to resize and make my word cloud smaller to accommodate all of the words, which can take several resizing attempts. I think this word cloud does summarize my character pretty well!

This is the assignment that I made this for:


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