My Favorite Vacation-Québec and Maine Edition

For this assignment, I had to make a video about my favorite vacation. Picking the vacation was easy! I adored going to Québec City and Maine a few summers back. I already had the folders of pictures on my computer, so I was all set!

I used the Photos app (Microsoft Store app) already on my computer to make this. I simply uploaded my folder into the app and then uploaded the pictures into the project. For whatever reason, I couldn’t upload the folder when it was in my Onedrive, so I made a copy of the folder on my desktop and it worked. I didn’t upload all the pictures into the project at once. I knew that I wanted sections, so I uploaded each section individually. I also made the default Paint sheet black with the bucket tool and saved it so I would have a black section intro page, which I also uploaded After these uploads, I added the text to the text slides. I used the “Chilled” font, which actually turned the slides from black to tan! I actually liked this look better, so I went with it! Finally, I added the music. I searched the YouTube Audio Library and found one that was upbeat and happy, but not overly so. Oh, and then I went back and fixed all of the accent marks that I was missing!

Then, I exported the file and uploaded it to YouTube, which was pretty simple. I then titled it. I chose the word “edition” because it has the “-ion” like vacation. Also, who knows? I might have another favorite vacation later. Since I hope to live like 60+ more years, I hope so!

I really enjoyed this assignment. Nothing was frustrating or annoying. I loved reminiscing on the trip and I really want to go back!

This is the assignment that I made this for:


The song I used is:

Walk In The Park Full by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
My featured image is one of my pictures!

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