From the Sun-Everything

“It’s the circle of life!”

Using the website, I created this abstract art. Since I cannot do anything without thoroughly thinking it through, this picture does have meaning. It starts with the yellow-the sun-which gives energy through photosynthesis to plants and provides warmth to the world. It is the most circular shape of any of the colors, as the Sun is also round. Next is water, which is also important to life. It surrounds the Earth like it is surrounding the sun. Yes, I am aware that the Sun does not have any water in it, as it is a star! Both the sun and water are needed to have plants, which is green and comes next. With these plants can come herbivorous and thus carnivorous and omnivorous life. These are the pink, purple, and orange colors. It somewhat looks like flowers with green stems, which relates to the green being plants, and with the flowers (and plants in general) being food for others. The orange can also represent fire, which can represent us humans, the only species to harness fire. Thus, the circle of life stem from the sun, which starts in the center and ends with sentient life.

What is also somewhat cool is that the whole circular shape almost looks like it’s on fire, like its a star, which is exactly what the sun is. It is like the sun is being represented by not only the yellow inside but by the whole shape itself.

Also, I am completely aware that this probably a bit deeper than I needed to go with this assignment, which I chose as it looked fun and colorful. This assignment did not have to be this deep, but apparently my 11:43 PM brain wanted to go this philosophical (is that even the right word?)!

For this assignment, I’m not entirely sure why or how I came out with this idea. I think it is because I was thinking of cryptids, and thus nature, and then this. This was not a hard assignment to do. The hardest part was figuring out what I wanted to do. The website is easy enough to use and is something that is fun to mess around with. I could see myself going back!

The picture and explanation remind me a lot of the “Circle of Life” song in the Lion King, so I put that quote up there.

This is the assignment I created this for:

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