Extra! Extra! Hear All About It!

So, on Tuesday, I listened to and live-tweeted about the DS106 radio broadcast of Super Storytellers.

First of all, great job guys! I thought all of your news segment and stories were very interesting!

One thing I noticed about both this radio show and my own is how different each person’s part is. We all have the same theme, yet our characters and their stories differ so much, just like how legends, myth, folklore differ from place to place and culture to culture! I looked forward each time to hear what the next news broadcast or story would be about. The differences in each person’s segment added a nice variety to the show.

There were many good things about the radio show. Across the board for this radio show was that everyone has good, clear, almost professional audio. I didn’t have to struggle to hear or understand anyone. So, that good! I also noticed how the whole group seemed to rely mostly in voice, with little sound effects or music during their parts. It did help to make the voices clearer and easier to understand, but it does mean that the only thing to engage the listener is the voice. Luckily, when the speakers were doing different characters, they largely did different voices. Even though the voices clearly came from the same person, they were distinct enough to add a little variety and characterization. Everyone also sounded engaged and willing to tell their tale, not dragging their feet and being unhappy about it. Whenever you listen to anything, especially if there is a huge reliance in just the voice, you want, and need, the narrator to be engaged! The only music that I can remember was in the bumpers and commercials. Each music and bumper/commercial combo went well together.

I did notice a few small issues. I am not sure if the long silence in the beginning was part of the radio show or not, but if it was, it was a bit long. A listener may question rather or not something is wrong. In addition, one person’s had a couple noticeable cuts, where I could tell she did not record the audio in one go. It does take you out of the story a bit, but after a few seconds you get back into it. For some of them you could also tell they were reading a script. I was too, so I can’t judge! Also, one of the commercials was definitely louder than the succeeding news broadcast, but considering that those were most likely two different sound clips/files/? stuck together, it was probably not going to be exactly the same volume. Overall, though, not too many problems!

As I said in my final tweet, I really enjoyed listening to it! Again, great job!


Here’s my Twitter thread, if you want to see my live-tweeting:

P.S. The title of this blog post is from “Extra! Extra! Read All About It!”, only hear, since this is radio! I chose this, as this show was largely news broadcasts.

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On The Air Novelty Microphone Radio, Model OTA-70, AM-FM Bands, Made In Taiwan


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