A Ghostly Siren

The Noise I Made:

The Original Audio I used:

So, for this assignment, I used my roommate’s electric pencil sharpener as the noise to change. Not only is it something we all recognize (I’m everyone has heard an electric pencil sharpener), but it is a steady noise, which makes distorting it and make the noise go up and down easier. Basically, it’s a solid base. The idea of a siren came from the tornado siren that I heard last week.

To get the noise I made, I used the recording of the pencil sharpener, cut it down to a smaller length, then I amplified it, so when it gets softer and louder the differences are more noticeable. I then slowed it down, which made it spookier sounding. I wasn’t necessarily going for that, but it worked in my favor! I then faded it in until about half way, and then faded out the second half. I added some reverb to further distort the sound, and then I repeated the noise 4 times to make it longer and actually sound like a siren. Finally, I condensed it, which amplified the sound some more and further distorted it.

Overall, I had fun doing this assignment. Audacity was simple enough to use. I’m still not sure what the different between distortion and compression are, as they sounded pretty similar to me. I’m definitely glad that the undo feature work well, so I could experiment and get what I liked! The only thing that I couldn’t figure out how to do was click removal. There’s still a click in the sound, and when I tried to use the “click remover” function it didn’t seem to work. All-in-all, I’m happy with what I created!

This is the assignment that I created this for:



This is where my Featured image is from:


Federal Signal Tornado/Civil Alert Siren

Tony Webster

Taken on July 28, 2017


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