A Spider’s Point Of View

There’s that girl again. I suppose I shouldn’t say again, since she lives here too. She’s a strange one, and not very nice either. Just last week I saw her kill one of the gnats on the pink walls of our room. She isn’t much for sharing, or at least sharing with us insects and spiders. She seems to have no problem letting those dratted cats invade the room and terrorize us all. She even lets those dang things sleep with her on the bed! That black-and-white menace is the worst, always hunting us down, even though we’re just trying to live our lives. Although, according to my brother, the girl’s not much better. He said that she went another one of our hundreds of brothers and killed him!

The girl’s stopped. She seems frozen. She’s just looking at me. I don’t see what the big deal is. I’m just hanging in my spider’s web underneath the nightstand.

Huh, now she’s walking away. I wonder what she’s doing?

And now she’s back. What’s she carrying? Is that toilet paper? A whole lot of toilet paper? What is that for?

Ack! She just threw that giant wad on top of me! What the heck is she doing? Wait, is she trying to kill me? How exactly is toilet paper doing to do the trick? Great, that destroyed my web. I’m on the pink rug now. It’s kind of old-she really should have gotten ride of it by now.

Oh great, more toilet paper. Seriously?! I was just going to try and scuttle back to the hole in the wall.

It’s been a long time since anything’s happened. I’m just going to stay under this toilet paper-it’s safe and I honestly can’t figure out how to get out.

Thud. Thud. Thud. There’s her footsteps! What is she doing now? Wait, why do her footsteps sound heavier?!


So, as I briefly mentioned in my two posts about the Anansi broadcasts in DS106 radio, I hate spiders! For whatever reason, they just make me more fearful and creeped out than any other animal that I’ve encountered.

After I found this post, I decided to remix it. I refreshed many times until I got the “Pretty In Pink” remix card. My old room at my old house had pink walls and I used to have a pink rug, so this actually worked out really well, since I saw spiders and insects on the pink walls and rug more often than I would have liked!

In this, I used the words and phrases “our” and “lives here too”, as in the spider’s eyes, it’s their room too (much to my chagrin!). The lines are separate so to show that each line is a separate thought or thought process of the spider.

The spider web underneath the nightstand was a real thing and has scarred me for life. My rug was indeed old and I should have gotten rid of it long before I did. I really should have gotten rid of it after my dog scattered hot chocolate powder on it after he unzipped my aunt’s bag. Don’t worry, he was fine. I just flipped my rug over and kept using it!

The toilet paper thing is real-I use too much of it. I also take forever to kill it (sometimes I take up to an hour to strike up the courage to even go anywhere near the spider!). The “thunk” is me finally throwing a book or two on top of it to kill it!

This was a fun little assignment to do, and not too difficult, although I still can’t make myself like spiders!

P.S. I googled to find out how many eggs a spider lays at a time. I regret doing that! I also had to google to find a Featured image for this. That was awful too, even it was just spider silhouettes!

This is the assignment that I made this for:



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