A Mary Washington Photoblitz

So, I started at 2:17 (or 14:17 military time). The pictures are listed here as the page listed them, but I did not take the pictures in this order.

1-1 Square Aspect

So, I used the “square” photo setting on my iphone, and I decided to take a picture of a square thing as well!

An Interesting Tree

It’s a bit hard to see, but this is a fairly large tree, and there are several different large spiderwebs in it. Needless to say-I didn’t want to get too close!

Animal Photo


I purposefully went near Madison Hall and Ball Hall, as the trees around there normally have squirrels. I was right! The squirrel let me get pretty close before it scampered off.

Today’s News Headline

I looked on the front page of Yahoo to fund a headline, which is where I found that one. Trade involves other countries, so I decided to take a picture of all of the flags that hang on Lee Hall. The black box on the screenshot of the headline is something I added to cover a comment, as comments, and the users’ names, on Yahoo can be very…partisan and not particularly kind.

P.S. I didn’t actually add the caption onto the picture in the 20 minutes. However, I did find the headline and take both pictures.

Non-technological Tool

I tend to use pencils more than pens, as I like to be able to erase. Therefore, it is my most common, and in school my most valued, non-technological tool.



Monroe Fountain is a landmark of this campus, so of course this came to mind for water!

Plastic Object

I have several plastic cups in my room. This happens to be my Catholic Campus Ministry one.


I finished taking all of the pictures by 2:35 (14:35 military time)

This blog post wasn’t too hard to do. Finding most of the pictures was fairly easy, as some were in my room and others were landmarks on campus. Knowing the campus really did help in this challenge. Actually, the hardest part was finding a news headline and figuring out what picture to go along with it. All-in-all, this was kind of fun, though speed-walking in the humidity not so much!

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