A Haunting Churchyard


Here’s my story! Please choose your own adventure and read it before reading the rest of this post!

So, for this assignment, I had to use http://www.inklestudios.com/inklewriter/ to create a choose-your-own-adventure story. Growing up, I knew about but never really read those type of books. However, I have skimmed a few before, so I know the general concept.

I wanted to choose something related to our theme. Something about black dog stories fascinate me, so I looked on the Wikipedia page and clicked around. I stumbled around and found the related Church Grim page, which I decided to do. I love old, medieval buildings, especially churches and castles, and especially those in ruins and/or in remote areas.

So, to make my story, I first wanted to set the scene. I then added all of the different branches. I first tried to work on both branches of each diverging path at the same time. I ended up deciding that I was not working and  just worked on one branch at a time!

Inklewriter is rather easy to use, and quite fun! I am sad that it will be no longer soon. I have saved the story to my computer so that I can revisit it! The biggest challenge I had was thinking of different scenarios! I also had trouble with trying to “join to an existing paragraph” but I did work out how to do it fairly quickly! This was a fun exercise to do, as I have never written anything like this before!

Spoiler alert!

So, for my story, you can either drive away unscathed, drive away scared, or die, when you explore the church and/or the churchyard and encounter an interesting, broken, medieval gravestone.  It all depends on how you treat the church and God, as in the legends the church grim protects the church and churchyard. So, if you are respectful and/or careful and cautious, you will live. (I am starting to realize that this sounds like a fable. I wasn’t trying to make it one!). Most people probably would not act in such a manner that would get themselves killed, but that had to be an option! The word “haunting” at the end is not necessarily a bad thing. From Collins Dictionary-“haunting can mean in British English, applicable as this takes place in the UK, “1.  (of memories) poignant or persistent
2. poignantly sentimental; enchantingly or eerily evocative”.  The second meaning is particularly is really what this is: it is eerie with the church grim but also poignant, as it is a beautiful old church ruin and churchyard. The reader is haunted with bad memories from the church grim or good memories from exploring respectfully.

This is the assignment that I made this for:



This is where I got the featured image. I edited the image to be black and white to better fit the tone of the story. This church and churchyard also fits with what I was looking for-a ruined medieval church that hasn’t been used in centuries. It is also near the border of Scotland and England. As the church grim myths I use involve both England and Scotland, I thought this was a nice compromise.


The ruined remains of Lennel Parish Church


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