A Dorm Room’s Symphony

For creating this assignment, which is creating a place just using sound, I decided to take inspiration from real life and make my dorm room. How I came up with that, I have no idea. Perhaps its because I was sitting in my room when thinking of ideas. I wanted to make something that could tell everyone what my room is like, without pictures or other invasions of privacy (and safety!).

The background sound, that can’t always be heard, is the air conditioner, which during this part of the year is always on. The first sound that appears is the garbage truck, which must comes like every two days, before I want to wake up, and makes it so I can’t sleep in as much as I want. It’s rather annoying! That’s also why its so loud. Next are three knocks. Both the door to my room and the door to the bathroom get stuck, so for the front door, I have to hit it three times with my hip (or butt) to get it to open. Then comes the writing and typing noises. My roommate and I are almost always on our laptops, and its often only those noises when we are doing homework (the writing).  The chewing that comes afterwards comes from us eating snacks, particularly goldfish! The human voices that appear and disappear are our suitemates, who we never talk to (not because of animosity. We just inhabit different social spheres). My roommate and I hear them only for a few hours a day at random times. Honestly, I don’t know when they’re in their room or not and what they’re doing. They do have guests over, so that’s why there are guy voices too. The writing and typing go on for so long because that’s what our room is like-my roommate and I just being quiet for long stretches of time. The three thuds at the end are the people up above us, who are constantly making thuds, though I’m not quite sure what they’re doing.

Overall, this was a fun assignment to do. At 9 sounds, its the most I’ve ever used in one recording! The most annoying part was not being able to see all of the sounds on one page in Audacity, having to scroll down to see ones that don’t fit and then when moving them not know if I moved the sound to the right place on the timeline. I had to repeat the air conditioner sound 5 times for it to go as long as I wanted, though I did cut the last repeat in half as otherwise it was too long. I also cut the garbage can sound to shorten it, as well as the voices sound and the chewing sound. The typing a really just left alone, as a timer to mold the other sounds around. I had to repeat the writing sound 3 times for it to be a length I wanted, and I also repeat the knocking sound and thud sound so I got the 3 repetitions each.

The assignment that I created this for:



These are the sounds I used:


Air conditioning 1




garbage track.mp3




Door Knock – 12.wav




Door Open Close Heavy Wooden Hard Loud Creak Seal Theatre




Writing On Paper.wav




Typing at Computer.MP3








Crisps_open & crunching.wav




big thud2.wav



My Featured imagine is a conductor, as the title is “Symphony”. In addition, I don’t want to take a picuture of my room, as that is a safety risk and I like my privacy. My room is far too messy for anyone else to see! I also just like this picture!



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