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Here’s the Pinterest board!

So, for this assignment, I had to make a pinterest board for a character with at least 20 pins and then useĀ X-Ray Goggles from Hackasaurus to further modify the board. I chose my character Maria, and I got to 29 pins. However, the X-Ray Goggles no longer work, so I had to forgo them.

This Pinterest board is a mishmash of different things relating to cryptozoology and folklore. I first searched for cryptozoology stuff, most of which were patches and pins. I chose some I liked. I noticed that there were a fair amount of alien-related items. Aliens are not really an interest of Maria-she prefers creatures from Earth-like chupacabras-or those that at least partially inhabit the Earth-like Hellhounds.

Then, I looked for backpacking pictures, as she likes to backpack. Indeed, almost everything, if not everything, I have made about her mention or involve backpacking in some way, shape, or form! I didn’t find much that I was looking for, as most of the pictures were guides that linked to other websites or tips that you had to go to another website to see. I chose a few pictures of food preparation, as Maria always liked to be prepared. I also chose a picture of a gear line. It looked cool to me and organized like Maria!

I also looked for pictures of libraries. Maria loves to read and research, so she is often found in libraries. I chose old-looking libraries, as what she is trying to research is often old (I also just personally like old libraries!).

I also chose some pictures of lecture halls. One of Maria’s jobs is a part-time or substitute professor, so she can also be found in lecture halls! I chose pictures of older-looking lecture halls, as Maria is not a futuristic person, and because cryptozoology and folklore remind me of older, more ancient things.

I also chose a few pictures of journals and writing, as Maria is also a writer. She also takes many notes when she researches. Her journals have appearances in numerous posts about her!

Finally, I also have found several lists and charts of myths, legends, and folklore from various cultures. When I typed in folklore, I got a lot of books, which is OK but they were mostly children’s books. Nothing wrong with that (both Maria and I encourage teaching children folklore and encouraging them to read!) but Maria is more scholarly. I chose various cultures since Maria is interested in myths, legends, folklore, and cryptids from all over the globe and travels often around the world.

This assignment was not very hard to complete, mostly because since the Goggles didn’t work, as the website is no longer active, I didn’t have to figure out how that worked! This was very fun to do, and I hope it gives a good idea of what Maria is like!

This is the assignment I made this for:


My Featured image is a pin from the board:

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