A Hike in Australia

Since my group was still deciding details about who does what, set-up, etc. I decided to start working on assignments for stars. I decided, since I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for the group, I might as well start working on my story segment. My character Maria, and her friends Thiago and Narelle, go to Australia in several of my posts to look for the bunyip and the yowie. Since I have had a bunyip narrative but not a yowie one, I decided to go for that.

I was inspired by the assignment that you had to tell a story using only sounds. While I will be speaking in my story, I wanted the background to be sounds, not music, to help add to the outdoorsy aspect. So, I decided that the assignment about making a place, in this case the outback, with only sounds. First, I researched about the yowie using mainly the Wikipedia page but also checking out a couple websites. It seemed like Queensland and New South Wales were the Australian states that I should go for. Specifically, Springbrook, Queensland, as well as the border between the two states.

So, I used Freesound.org and looked up Queensland and Springbrook. I chose all sounds that were from those two states. It was not too hard to make this, since it’s only 5 sounds, not 9 like I’ve dine before! Though, its only 45 seconds and the final story will need to be about 4.5 minutes! I had to quiet the creek sound to not overpower the hiking sounds and increase the hiking sounds so they can be heard. I actually made 2 extra tracks of the hiking sound so it was 3 sets of feet, and staggered the tracks so they wouldn’t all sound like the same set. I’m not sure how well that worked! I also copy and pasted the cricket sound a couple times to get it to the right length. The bird sound I had to cut out a lot of quiet/no bird call parts, in order for it to fit the length.

Overall, it’s my starting point for the rest of the story, as well as inspiration for the story itself. I was not planning on having a creek or waterfall, but when I saw the option I decided to go for it. Chances are the sounds here will change a bit as I figure out dialogue.

This is the assignment that I made this for:



This is where all of my sounds came from:


Water Flowing Through Very Close Rapids 2




Close Waterfall 2




Hiking on Soft Ground 1 – Through Mud








Birds of Noosa Biosphere Reserve

S. Dedalus


This is where my Featured image is from:


File:Natural Bridge, Springbrook National Park, Queensland – Cave Creek.JPG


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