Weekly Summary-Week 9-Haunting Edition!

As I start off all of my weekly summaries with if it follows the pattern, then I would say yes. This week was harder, as I had more stuff to do. However, I actually enjoyed it more!


I looked over the weekly assignments and started picking out what web assignments I wanted to do.


On Sunday, I did my first Daily create, about your visit to a castle. I absolutely love castles, so I really enjoyed this Daily Create. This was not too hard, except for staying in the character limit! The castles that interest me the most are ones that are older (pre-renaissance era), ruined, and in more rural locations. That’s why I have a ruined castle in this Daily Create. By the way-Framlingham Castle is the one referred to in Ed Sheeran’s “Castle on the Hill”, but I didn’t base my tweet off of that one! First of all, it’s not ruined, and second of all, it’s not quite remote enough. However, it is definitely old enough, and I would love to visit it!

On Sunday, I also completed three out of the four web assignments I did this week.

First, I did the Guess the Story assignment that Professor Bond recommended. This was fun to do! It did take a little while for me to find all of the GIFs, since I am a bit of a perfectionist and wanted to find exactly what I was looking for. I wish there were more filters on the site I used! I really enjoyed looking for and then interpreting a lesser-known story for a well-known cryptid. Maybe next time I’ll try to make my own GIFs! I also tried to see if I made some of the text in the post white, it would avoid spoilers, but also could still be read. I’m not sure how well it worked! I know the text is there, and I say it is, but it does just look like a large empty spot in the middle of the post.

A Watery Guess The Story

I also completed the Create Your Own Room assignment. This was also fun to do! Since I recently moved and am looking to redecorate my room a bit, this may also be useful! Pinterest is easy to use and kind of addicting, so I definitely found items that I wish I could have!

My Dream Antique Bedroom!

Finally, I also completed the You’re A Pinteresting Character assignment, as a Pinterest-related assignment. I chose to make a Pinterest board for my character Maria. As with the other Pinterest assignment, this was rather fun and easy to do. I did have a little more trouble with this assignment, as I had to sort a little more through to find the right images. For example, aliens popped up a lot, but Maria is not an ufologist or particularly interested in aliens, preferring to stay more Earth-bound.

Maria’s Pinterest Board


On Monday, I did my second Daily Create of the week, by using one of the websites linked on the Daily Create post to digitally carve a pumpkin. I didn’t want to do a generic jack-o’-lantern face, as that would be too easy, I chose to do a cat face. I love cats, and black cats are very Halloween-y! Let’s just say I tried! I am not an artistic person in any way, shape, or form, and I’ve never carved a jack-o’-lantern, just watched my mom do it. At least it looks vaguely cat-like!

I also did my fourth and final assignment of the week-Inklewriter Storytelling. Something about black dog stories have always interested me, so I knew that I wanted to go in that direction. I eventually stumbled upon the page about the church grim and decided to do that. Inklewriter is fairly straightforward to use, even if it does take some trial and error. I tried to incorprorate in as much of the folklore from Wikipedia as I could. I never read choose-your-own-adventure stories growing up nor I had I written any, so this was a new experience for me! I think this level/size of choose-your-own-adventure is the right one for me! For this assignment, I researched abandoned medieval churches for reference. Just as I love old castles, I love old churches! Any time I can look at amazing old churches, it’s a good day for me!

A Haunting Churchyard


On Tuesday, I did my third Daily Create of the week, by using the links provided to make a monster. I wasn’t sure what direction I was going to go in, but then I stumbled upon the bat wings. I love bats, and it’s almost Halloween, so I decided to go for a vaguely bat-like monster. I chose the top hat and pipe because they seemed silly. I chose the feet because they reminded me of hairless hobbit feet, as the pipe reminded me of Tolkien.

I also did the “Connected Daily Creates” assignments. Since I like to give explanation in my tweets, I decided to have the story be a narrative. I used the castles Daily Create as the setting, the jack-o’-lantern Daily Create as an object in the story, and thinking how to incorporate it created the basic plot line of the narrative, and the bat monster as the antagonist in the narrative. Looking up names to use, as I didn’t want to use Maria, I eventually stumbled upon Bram. Bram Stoker wrote Dracula and I decided to base my characters off of that book. I didn’t think about it until I stared to write the narrative, but vampires, including Dracula, are linked with bats, and my monster is vaguely bat-like! That was actually a complete coincidence! I originally chose Jonathan because he faces trouble in a castle, just like my character does. Writing this narrative wasn’t too hard, because I already had aspects of it already thought of due to my Daily Creates.

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bat! It’s an alien! It’s… what is it?!

Finally, I also listened and live-tweeted to the DS106 radio show Super Storytellers and then wrote up my blog post about it. I thought it was well-done! Each story was unique and interesting. What was interesting is how the group overall didn’t use music in their stories, just in the commercials and bumpers. It made the stories much more reliant on voice. Luckily, their audio was nice and clear. It’s interesting how even with a universal theme, stories can be so different! That’s something I noticed in my group as well. While I did notice some issues, overall, I thought they did well!

Extra! Extra! Hear All About It!


On Wednesday, I did the “Web Storytelling” assignment. This was fun but incredibly frustrating! Downloading the Mozilla X-Ray Goggles was not hard, but trying to use them was! I had trouble getting the code up, whether when I was trying to click to get the box of code to pop up or when the box would pop up and nothing, no code, would be in there. I had trouble even during the tutorial, and the whole time I was working on my article I had to keep refreshing and starting over because the code box would be empty and it wouldn’t work. Next time, I might not use Chrome or I might install ad-blockers, since the apps kept refreshing. Maybe that was a problem. Honestly, I don’t know. It was annoying! I did enjoy writing the article and it was satisfying seeing it at the end!

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!


On Thursday, I started to work on this post!


On Friday I commented a few times. I will say-it was easier commenting this week!

First, I commented on this post where someone used the Mozilla X-Ray Goggles to edit ratemyprofessors.com to create a page for Dumbledore. I thought this person did a great job and I love all of the research and detail that went into it. P.S. While the Harry Potter fandom is certainly passionate, as a potterhead I can’t say that I don’t appreciate it! I have spent many a time pouring over the same wiki Maddie used. (Go Hufflepuffs!).

Albus Dumbledore

I also commented on this post where someone made an Instagram for her character. With the Instagram, the character almost feels like a real person, which I think is so cool! The pictures and text really say a lot about the character as well.

A Finsta for Everyone

Another comment I made was on a post where someone changed their canvas page into a more sarcastic, less helpful but more funny version. I love it!

Web Storytelling

Finally, I also commented on this post where someone connected their Daily Creates into a paragraph with questions and mulling over the future of Halloween. I thought it was a unique way to connect the tweets and the questions are interesting,

Connecting DCs

I also finished and turned this post in!


Besides the frustration of the “Web Storytelling” assignment, I had a lot of fun this week! (I will admit, writing the article for the “Web Storytelling” assignment was at least fun). It got me in the Halloween mood! Hopefully this week I can do Halloween-y things!

P.S. The name of this post is because it was Halloween-y and a word that goes with Halloween is “haunted” and “haunting”. Also, the first Daily Create describes a castle that could be haunting, the libraries and lecture halls for Maria’s Pinterest board look haunting, the Inklewriter story even uses the word “Haunting in its name, as the churchyard is haunting, and the “Connected Daily Creates” narrative happens in a church that could be considered “haunting”. I also just really like the word!

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