Weekly Summary-Week 7-Not Necessarily Harder!

So, did  this week follow the pattern of previous weeks, where this week would be easier than last week? Well, I wouldn’t say it was much harder. It still kind of breaks the pattern, though, since clearly I didn’t finish the assignments until Friday night! It was a bit more stressful, trying to figure out the radio show group, on top of tests for other classes!


I looked over the weekly assignments and what the Daily Create was for the day. No one else seemed to be trying to find a group, so I didn’t think trying to find a group yet was going to be successful. I decided to wait until the next day.


On Sunday, I did my first Daily Create of the week, about “true” advertising. This topic reminded me about the whole lawsuit against Nutella because because advertising claimed that it was “part of a healthy breakfast”. Anyone who has tasted Nutella would know how not true that is! The commercials and ads always say it has “a hint of cocoa” but if you actually eat it, or even just look at it, you’d know that it’s not true! My mom and I always made fun of that line! So, I went with the “hint of cocoa”. I used paint, not paint.net since I couldn’t figure out how to get one letter to be a different color than the others on paint.net. I found a picture what was labeled for reuse on google, inserted it in and added the text. I made the text colors match the actual labeling to look more cohesive.

On Sunday, I also tweeted out looking for a group, since I did not see much activity that I could join in on.

Later that day, I was still a bit confused about what was going on, so I put my name into the “looking for a group” part on the spreadsheet. Maddie Morris had put out a tweet looking for a group, and Professor Bond had suggested that the five of us on the spreadsheet looking for groups should be a group. I agreed, and Maddie made a slack channel. Click this to see the thread of tweets. In this channel: Me, Maddie Morris, Emily Hutchins, Tiffany (ttueros), and Julie Harrington.


On Monday, I did my second Daily Create, about completing the statement “This I believe…”. I was going to go funny, but I noticed others who did the Daily Create were serious, so I didn’t want to just make a joke. I went for both. One of my favorite movies is Jurassic Park, so I used the classic line “life finds a way” and then tied it into us finding our ways. It’s both sweet and funny! I found the GIF in Twitter (where you can click to add a GIF when you tweet), which I think added to it!

On Monday, I asked everyone if they were OK being in the group. Emily responded and the two of us agreed to go with Tiffany’s idea of character stories. Later that evening, Tiffany had made a group on the spreadsheet and all of us in the channel put our names down.


On Tuesday, the groups were official. Mine was:  Julie Harrington, Emily Hutchins, Francesca Maisano (me), Maddie Morris, Tiffany T, Ora W, and Maci W.

I created a slack channel for my radio group, to try and get communications going since nothing had been happening and it was already the afternoon. I said hi in the chat, and eventually several of us talked about what we should do.

Since a few members of the group had not responded in the chat, yet, I went through each blog on the website to figure out who had what blog and then find their into posts to find their twitters to message them, since they deleted their emails after they put their names under the group. I wanted to make sure they knew we had a channel, since not everyone (including myself) check slack every day, especially during midterm week!

In the slack channel, Maddie came up with the name ideas of: “Myths, Legends, and the Characters from them” and “Myths, Legends, and Character Conversations”.


On Wednesday, we decided on “Myths, Legends, and Character Conversations” as our name.

We also started to decide who was doing commercials and who was doing bumpers. Basically, we just said in the chat which one we wanted to do. I chose to do a radio bumper.

While I was waiting for us to decide on a name and who was doing what, I decided to start to work on stars for the week. Both of the two assignments today for stars are going to be used in my radio show story.

First, I decided to work on the intro background sounds. Basically, I was inspired by both the assignment where you had to tell a story using only sounds, as well as the assignment where you describe a place using only sounds. The latter of these is the assignment I went for. While I will be speaking my story, I want there to be background sounds. I think sounds instead if music will be more beneficial when it comes to helping audiences (and me!) imagine where the characters are and what they are doing. Using Freesound.org was not too difficult, since it does have that search bar. The sounds actually helped influence my story, with additions such as the creek and the waterfall, whose existence in the story is because they were sounds that I found. With only five sounds, moving and editing them was  not massively difficult. However, with the introduction of my voice, and that I have to have 4.5 minutes, not 45 seconds, I’m sure whatever the end result is will be quite different!

A Hike in Australia

I also made another sound that will be utilized in my radio show-the yowie call. Since I have never featured the yowie, just the bunyip, in a story, even though the main story line of my character Maria is that she and her friends are on a trip to find them both, I decided to feature the yowie. The hardest part was the research, as I could not find a yowie howl and had to use a Bigfoot one. I started with a man’s yell that I got from Freesound.org, in order to change it into the “unrecognizable” yowie sound (the assignment is to turn something recognizable to something unrecognizable).  This was not too hard, though it did take some trial and error. I am sure, though, once I incorporate it with everything else, I will have to change it a bit.

Yowie Call


On Thursday, I completed my third Daily Create, about the worst job. While it could be the worst job in terms of being disgusting, low-paying, etc. I decided to go with what I would never want to do. I chose being president, since I never want to be it, for all the reasons down below!

I also made my radio bumper for the radio show. Since I already made one earlier this semester, this one came a bit easier! I did use more music this time around, but it seemed to mesh OK, which I am glad about. The hardest part was finding music that I liked! Sometimes, too many options is just as hard as too few! Since the radio show has not been made yet, I don’t know how this will fit in or where it’ll be.

A Windy Radio Show Bumper

I also made a logo for the radio show. I chose navy and silver like UMW colors and chose a radio as this is for a radio show. It wasn’t too hard. I tried other logo-making sites, but they were not free and I was confused about their copyright. I think (hope) the copyright is OK!

A Vintage Radio Show Logo

I also commented a couple times.

First, I commented on this post about least favorite sounds. Wow, Chlover did a great job-this genuiliny scared me! Do NOT try and listen to this befire you go to bed! (Luckily, I am a night owl so I did not have this problem)

Auditory Hell

I also commented on this post where the author chose and read a quote that tells about her character. I thought she did a good job, and I especially like her effort into doing a British accent. She asked us to guess where the quote is from. I guessed Shakespeare, but I didn’t know which play. I looked it up, and it was from Hamlet. I read Hamlet senior year! I should have remembered it!

To Thine Own Self be True


On Friday, I did my post about the progress we made for the radio show this week. This wasn’t too hard! I just checked slack for what we did and what people have posted in their already. I waited until late Friday so I would have the most complete information for the week!

A Conversational Start!

I also think I commented on this post, about how atmospheric it was and how it was so unrecognizable from the sound that made it. When I tried to submit my comment, it said that it was a duplicate comment, so I don’t know!

“Sick Beat”

I also commented on this post where the author made a noise  sample into “a more unique sound”. I thought she did a great job! I would not have guessed that this noise came from the original sound!

Make Noise from a Normal Sample

Finally, I also finished and turned this post in!


Ultimately, group projects stress me out a bit, but I am confidant with the group I am with! At this point, I’m not sure if next week will be harder or not, but I am sure to learn a lot!

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