Weekly Summary-Week 10-So Frustrating!

Yeah, this week was hard. For me personally, this was the hardest one yet. While I finished quicker than with other weeks, I felt far less comfortable with what I had to do and had less of a fun time. Everything was so slow and tedious! It didn’t help that this week was stressful when it came to other classes, so the stress was magnified by this week’s video assignments.


On Friday, I looked at what the weekly assignments were, realized how inept and slow I would be at them, and sorted through all of the video assignments. With a busy week ahead, I didn’t want to have to try and also do a group project too, since I am not going to be able to do any homework for most of this upcoming weekend (Friday night, and then 11/3-11/4). I picked out assignments for this week and next week.


I started to work on all four of my starred assignments this week. As you can read about in the individual blog posts, I had tech issues and the videos took a long while to make!


I finished those assignments and then wrote blog posts for each of them.

First, I did an assignment where I had to create a reverse video. This was by far the easiest thing I did this week, mainly because I was able to use a website to help and not rely totally on my abysmal tech skills. This is the only assignment that disagrees with my statement at the top-it was not slow or tedious.

What Happened To The Light?!

My next assignment was making a video about my favorite vacation. This also was not too challenging. It did take a little while, as I had a lot of pictures to sort through and place into the video. I really enjoyed reminiscing on the vacation. It helped that I was able to use the Microsoft Photos app, which is really easy to use. It made me really want to go back! Although, Québec might not be as nice now! Although, I could wait until February and go to the Quebec Winter Carnival!

My Favorite Vacation-Québec and Maine Edition

My third assignment was a video assignment about the design history of an object (the product evolution). The assignment description suggested something technological, and I immediately thought of my old DSs. Again, I used the Photos app, which was really easy. The hardest part was just that I had so many pictures that I had to place, caption, and credit! That was a tedious.

History of Nintendo Handheld Consoles

My final starred assignment was a video about places I wanted to travel to. I was inspired by another assignment I made where I made a Pinterest board and blog post about my favorite dream vacation. I used that assignment to structure my video and dictate what pictures to find. I didn’t use the pictures from Pinterest as I always try to use pictures that are marked “free to reuse”, even if I always cite them. This was the most complex of the starred assignments. It also had a lot of pictures and citations, and along with that I wanted to use the national anthems of all of the countries. I used both the Photos app and Movie Maker 10 when working on this, but I ended up ditching Movie Maker (for caption reasons) an using Audacity to slice all of the anthem bits together to put the one large file into the Photos app. Basically, this assignment took a while, but that is partly my own fault! I like the end result, but not making it!

My Dream Vacation-A European Tour of Heritage and Architecture!


On Monday, I did my first Daily Create of the week, about making a modern product’s packaging look like it was from the past where simple, minimalist design dominated. I chose to do my Microsoft Surface Pro 4, which is my laptop and what I created my design on! I found a base here. I then used Paint.net to erase the design from it. I used the eyedropper tool to copy the color of the box and draw over the design. I then made the blue stripe black, and the packaging was black-and-white, and then wrote the text. The Surface Pro 4 is a mix between a laptop and a tablet, but I don’t know if it’s half-and-half. not I just went with “part”. I was being a bit sarcastic for the last line. Often times the keyboard likes to not connect to the tablet part, so I get asked so often if I want to go into “tablet mode”. I don’t! Zae (@Justzaying7) thought I was witty, so someone got my humor! Also, Zae, thank you! Your comment cheered me up!

I also started to work on my video essay. I read and watched the reading and clips from the weekly assignment. I planned out what I was going to do and when I would do it. I also downloaded Oneshot Video Editor, which was a bit of a process. I watched the “Hellhound” episode of Lost Tapes and notes what scenes I could do for the video essay.


On Tuesday, I worked on my video essay some more. I decided on a scene. I then uploaded the episode into Oneshot and cut it so only that scene remained. I then reread and re-watched the assigned links and then wrote down what I saw in the scene that was in what I just saw and read. I made the video title, which took a frustratingly long time to render, especially since I first struggled to download Blender in order to make it. I then wrote the rough script.


On Wednesday,  I did my second Daily Create of the week, about a true story involving ghosts, spooky events, or the supernatural. I saw others tweet about a dream they had, so I did too, especially since that’s the only thing I could think of. I don’t have much personal especially with these things! I actually wrote about his dream for an assignment. If you want to read the full version, go here.

I also finished my video essay and wrote my blog post for it. On this day, I recorded the narration and timed it with the scene. I had to use freeze-frames to get the times to line up. I also made another title card for the end, which was again so aggravatingly slow to do. I also added transition effects to make things less choppy. After all of this, I exported it and then uploaded it to YouTube, which took a while. I then wrote up my blog post talking about the process and everything that went well or wrong. While in this post I have split up everything into what day I did it, here’s the post that has every little detail placed in chronological order. It was a frustrating assignment!

A Hell-firey Video Essay


On Thursday, I did my commenting for the week.

First, I commented on this assignment Chlover made where they combined the six-second art assignment and a chemistry pun. I thought it was cute!

6-Second Art

I then commented on this assignment that combined random pictures, a random beat, and transitions. I thought it was done really well and was quite atmospheric! In general, I just thought the video was cool! (By the way, I don’t know why the link for the post isn’t embedding properly.)


I also commented on this post about Jessica’s day in her life. I loved the cats in it-so cute! I also like the transition and music in the video.

A Day in the Life… of a College Student

Another post I commented on was Maddie’s assignment for the “Where Do Your Shoes Take You? Assignment”. I thought the videos she took were pretty and I like how in all the videos her feet are in the same place in the shpt. It was the transitions work well. I also like the music choice.


Finally, I commented on this post someone made where it was explained how to open a door. I thought it was funny-I don’t know how Suzanne was able to record this video with a straight face!

How to Open a Door

Finally, I started created and started writing this post.


I checked everything over and then turned this in!


Yeah, so reading over this post, I am not sure if it comes across how frustrating and tedious this week was. For me personally, it’s actually the week I’ve enjoyed least so far. Again, part of it might be stress because of other classes too. I did enjoy trying to make the videos, as its like trying to do a puzzle, but the frustrations and difficulties outweigh the positives! I can’t say that I am looking forward to another video week next week, but at least I like watching every else’s stuff!

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