A Vintage Radio Show Logo

For the design element of the week, I decided to make a logo.

I wanted to use am online logo maker, as that way it would look more professional than if I, with my lack of creative and artistic skills, made it by scratch. I checked out several websites, but many required money or I was unsure about the copyright. I them stumbled across https://hatchful.shopify.com. It was easy enough to use and I liked the look of the logos.

I chose a “vintage” theme as the base of the logo, as radios always remind me of older times, even though radio is still around and kicking today, and DS106 radio is streamed online, a very modern thing. Along with the vintage theme is an old-timey radio, which I think looks recognizable as a radio. I didn’t want to do any other pictures, since our characters are all so different. I’m not sure what similarities they all have! Finally, I chose the colors navy and gray/silver to reflect UMW. The wording is our radio show name.

I do like the logo I created, though perhaps its not as creative as some. I just hope that I am right and the copyright is OK!

This is the website I used to create this:


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