Beware the Bunyip!

So, for this assignment, I had to create a wanted poster. In the assignment description, it says that “It can be a danger that isn’t ever present, like the lochness monster”, which is absolutely perfect for this theme. I decided to go with the bunyip, as I mentioned it in both the character post I made and the assignment  post I made called “This is the time for caution, but not for fear” which deals with my characters trying to find the creature. This poster could be made by one of them, especially since in the assignment post, Maria mentions how there is so many different variations on the cryptid. This is why there is “…” at the end, to allude to the even more variations not even mentioned! The picture I used is even the same one I used as the featured image for that assignment post, to tie it in a little bit.

My process for this was quite straightforward. I used the picture I had before, figured out what I wanted to say, based a bit on previous research and use, and then found an interesting font to use. I added the lines to add some more detail and impact on the first part.

For this, I used On the weekly assignment post, it mentioned how this program is more user-friendly, so as an experienced person, I went with it. It was easy and free to download. I did struggle with how to actually get that picture on a blank white background, and not just by itself. In general, it was easy enough to use. However, I really wanted to get a border around the picture. There’s no “border” option, and anything I try to draw or use the lines option would turn out very crooked. I did try and find some help on various websites but nothing worked. Overall, this is a fairly good program. Though, for more advanced projects I might want to try and download Gimp (Gimp instead of Photoshop because Gimp is free).

This is the assignment post that I made this for:

This is the Featured image and the picture on the post:

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