A Conversational Start!

So, I will admit-I was quite confused and unsure about the radio thing! I was waiting for others to star getting into groups and start looking for groups, so I could hop in! I ended up in a group of seven people!

With seven of us in the group, it takes a little bit of effort to get to make sure that everyone is situated and everything. Luckily, we all seem on-board and willing! There haven’t been any fights or major issues. The biggest challenge is that everyone has different schedules and workloads to work around. We have a channel on slack where we communicate. I created it on Tuesday after the official groups were announced so we could start talking!

Basically, the premise for our radio show is that it is a collection of a short stories-oneĀ  for each of our seven characters.

After Maddie came up with two names, we ended up agreeing on “Myths, Legends, & Character Conversations”-very apt for this class! Then, we each decided to do a bumper or a commercial. I decided to do a bumper:

A Windy Radio Show Bumper

So far, 3 of us have put in bumpers in the slack channel and there are 2 commercials there. There are also 2 posters and a logo in the slack channel. 2 people have even put in their stories already!

For my own story, I have started working on background sounds. Still have a ways to go, though!

A Hike in Australia

Yowie Call

Next week, we’ll have to get all bumpers and commercials together, as well as make an opening and a closing. We also have to figure out who’s going to edit all of this together! We’ve done a lot of work already, but there’s still much so more to do!

To make this post, I look at our slack channel for our posts and everything that was uploaded. It wasn’t hard!

Featured image is from here:


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